Abandoned Stone Mansion

This abandoned stone mansion has been on my radar for quite some time.  I remember one of my first attempts was in early 2018 & I actually got a ticket for having an outdated sticker on my licence plate!  Both Zenning with Zay & I had tried many times over the years however my luck finally changed this past summer when I happened to go into the office for the day.

The mansion wasn't always a mansion.  It was originally a smaller house built in the mid 1850's.  Later it was purchased by a man who later became very wealthy when a plot of land he purchased ended up having a huge deposit of uranium ore body.  The gentleman had earned a degree in mining & had worked at several mines in the early 1930's but then later joined the Canadian Forces when Canada entered World War Two.

Returning from the war he used his schooling coupled with intuition which led him to discover these uranium deposits making him a very wealthy man.  In the mid 1970's major renovations were done & the home was nearly tripled in size turning it into what you see there today.  Development completely surrounds this historical beauty with new builds literally a dozen feet away on either side.  The fate on this mansion is unknown but I do recall reading something that there were talks of saving it which is wonderful news as it is absolutely gorgeous in every way!

On the second floor of what I assume to be the newer section of the mansion are two massive bedrooms each with their own full bath & dressing area.  Note the wallpaper as this place had loads of it!

On the main floor there is a bedroom & like the others upstairs, it was equipped with a full bath & dressing area again with wallpaper every where & the bathroom sink was floral patterned which I assume was a costly purchase.

On the other side you find a massive living room & what I suspect to be a dining room with beautiful hardwood floors & a stunning fireplace.  I really enjoyed the huge windows everywhere!

At the back of the house off the kitchen was a massive sun room that was lined with windows over looking the backyard. At the front of the mansion also off the kitchen was what appeared to be a servants area likely used for busing out food when the owners held what I assume would have been lavish parties & even quiet family nights.

At the far end of the sun room was another sitting area with two fireplaces & plenty of space to relax.  This area along with the kitchen made up the central portion of the house which was also part of the addition built back in the 1970's.  From here you could enter into what I believe was the original house.  This area was smaller but certainly still quite beautiful featuring plenty of hardwood, a beautiful fireplace & plenty of wallpaper!

Now you probably could see that the newer side had a feature that I kept skipping in the photos but I wanted to ensure you were able to enjoy the entire place before focusing on it.  Yes, there is an absolutely beautiful spiral staircase which naturally I took a ridiculous amount of photos of from every possible angle!

A few days later I returned with Zenning with Zay so she could get her chance to explore it which gave me the opportunity to use the 50mm lens to take some details shots!  I was quite happy to finally get inside this mansion after so many failed attempts & hope that there is a plan to save it but it seems these days developers are keen on destroying history to jam in a bunch of houses & maximize profits.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Stone Mansion”

  1. Magnificent home, we sense the life and the live, and pictures. Which province ?
    Thanks for sharing. Hoping that this house will stand and make another family happy or another cause.

  2. Beautiful place. I hope they don’t destroy it. If the older house could be registered as historical maybe it could be saved. So much of our old history is being torn down to make way for cheap housing just to make more money. So sad. Thanks for the pictures and story. I enjoy your pictures a lot.

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