Abandoned Creepy Doll Time Capsule

On this adventure we explore an Abandoned Creepy Doll Time Capsule house!!

It was day five of the epic adventure road trip for Zenning with Zay & I & we were headed to sleep at a lighthouse keepers house smack dab in the middle of the Bay of Fundy.  We had a long way to go & ended up being stuck behind some bozo who had difficulty keep up with the speed limit.  It was quite frustrating so I made the executive decision at a fork in the road that we would go the opposite direction that this person was going!  Within in minutes of turning off we found this amazing abandoned house.

Starting off explore on the upper floor I was amazed at how advanced the decay was as well how many items were left behind!  Although things were a bit messy there was virtually everything left behind.  The upper floor had a total of five bedrooms & two bathrooms.  It appeared that back part of the house which is where the above photos were taken was possibly an addition added at a later date to the rest of the house.

The decay in some of the rooms was so advanced I didn't dare set foot inside.  Well actually one was of concern as the roof had a gaping hole & after seeing the room below, I didn't trust the flooring at all! The main bathroom on the second floor was awesome!  The muted colours & old tub & sink were indicative of the age of this place as many old abandoned homes seem to be painted the same despite being thousands of kilometers apart.

As we make our way down to the main floor you can't help but notice the wallpaper.  It would have taken a lot of effort to get it up to the ceiling above the stairs!

Now on the main floor we enter the large kitchen which is below the bedroom I started off the adventure in.  There was plenty of cupboard space & enough room for a large family to sit at a table.  Beyond the kitchen was a double doors leading to the back yard & a bathroom, neither of which I took photos of as they weren't very exciting but you can see it all in the video!

Now going to the front of the house which was my favourite part.  There were two huge rooms & the first one was a mess.  I am sure if I had the time I could uncover some treasures but we were on a schedule so I was unable to really dig in for details.  That said the pictures certainly show just how amazing it was!  The front window was absolutely gorgeous & all the decay really added to the atmosphere of gloom which to me is actually beautiful!

The last room in the house was AMAZING!!!!  It was still setup as if the owners had just walked away.  Plus there was plenty of delicious decay!   But one of the best parts of this house is yet to come.  There, standing one the stairs without any eyes was the creepiest doll I had ever come across.  I swear even though there were no eyes, I felt as if she was watching my every move!  Sadly this Abandoned Creepy Doll Time Capsule house is now demolished.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Creepy Doll Time Capsule”

  1. It’s a really cool house! If you could get the rights to the property, would you take the time and money to restore it? Really looks like it needs to be torn down and rebuilt but then you lose the originality of the house. What do you think, Mr Ryder??

    1. Sadly I think this one is too far gone to be saved. That said, if I had to opportunity I certainly would like the chance!

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