Abandoned Country Brick Mansion

Abandoned Country Brick Mansion. While driving the back roads with Zenning with Zay I spotted a farm house off in the distance with what appeared to be some damage to the roof! Sure enough we discovered a big abandoned Country Brick Mansion! This house was built in the early 1900's & for the time, it was very large making it essentially a mansion. Many houses from the era are a third of this in size!

The house was incredible with strong bones.  It also appears to have been built all at once & not in sections as these homes often are which tells me there was a great deal of wealth in the family who built/owned it!

Once inside I was a little disappointed to see that it had been gutted down to the studs which is very indicative of a renovation attempt.  There were plenty of rooms with the original beautiful hardwood doors.  I didn't take many photos downstairs as it was not that interesting but still a few!  As I made my way upstairs I was hoping that it would still be in it's original condition!

Much to my surprise the upstairs had not been touched!  This was quite pleasing as I had expected it to be a busy like the lower level.  The house was divided into two sections with this being the front-most part of the house.  There were three bedrooms & a large closet.

The centre of the house which was above a large dining area had an equally large room with a walkout & large windows.  Not really sure what exactly this area would have been used for but it was a huge space!

The back-most area of the house also had a staircase which had been removed likely for renovations.  There was also a very large room with its own staircase leading into a storage area on the main floor.  A large closet similar to the one on the front part oddly had windows on the door & there was room with a sink, possibly a bathroom as well as a single bedroom.  This house was by far one of biggest farmhouses I have ever explored which is why I call it a mansion as it was easily 6,000 square feet in size.   Although it appeared that renovations had started, those plans seemed to have been long forgotten & the house now sits falling victim to the elements.

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  1. Could I ask where in central Oregon this was? I want to go explore it with a friend if it still exists!

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