Abandoned House on the Hill

Random finds are always awesome & this Abandoned House on the Hill was definitely a good one!

While driving the back roads with Zenning with Zay she spotted something up a hill & told me to turn around.  Once we did a u-turn I could see what she was talking about.   Set far back from the road & up a hill was this old & abandoned house!

As we made our way to the house we spotted a few vehicles but quickly determined there were also abandoned.  I decided to go in & film my video to get it out of the way before taking pictures.  Once finished I began shooting exteriors when a van rolled up.  Being the first location of the day I was concerned it would go south & we'd be yelled at.  Turns out the couple in the car were friends of the owner who lives in Burlington.  He proceed to tell me the house had been abandoned for several decades & the property is used to for construction material storage by  one of the owners relatives. The couple gave us permission to explore & the gentleman even came in to have a look around for himself!

As soon as I entered I immediately noticed that there was an incredible amount of raccoon poop everywhere.  The kitchen was terrible with piles of it on the counter, in the sink & pretty much everywhere.  There was a bit of furniture left behind & in one room which was very difficult to access was even a piano!

The stairs also had extensive dried poop piled on them which didn't stop me for continuing with my explore.  Once upstairs I found four bedrooms, a bathroom & attic access!

It was awesome to see the several bed frames & very decayed mattresses still left behind!  I also loved the old keyholes in the solid wood doors.  In the video I do venture up into the attic however it was EXTREMELY hot that day & the air was less than optimal & what was up there would have taken some effort to move around in order to take any pictures.  If you are interested, please do check out the video!  All in all, it was a great start to the day even though we were caught!  Definitely enjoyed this Abandoned House on the Hill!

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