Abandoned Decayed Time Capsule

The Abandoned Decayed Time Capsule! On a stinking hot day I was driving the back roads with Zenning with Zay she spotted a house up a long driveway.  As we got to the driveway it was very apparent that nobody had been up it in many years as it was so overgrown & washed out from years of rain & neglect. As we made our way up the drive way I noticed that all the windows were in tact making me wonder if there was another driveway that was used but the map showed nothing.  As we creeped closer it quickly became apparent that this was an abandoned house!

Upon entering the house it quickly became apparent that not only was it super decayed, it was also a time capsule!  Starting off in the kitchen was interesting as there was so much raccoon poop everywhere & everything was still set up in the cupboards!  It was cool to see the old rotary phone still on the wall!

There was a small bedroom off the kitchen which originally was part of the kitchen however it was added later.  In there was a bed, a few dressers, some old radios & a mummified kitty.  It's always sad to find dead domestic animals however it likely died from natural causes as many animals venture into houses to die.

Off the kitchen was the dining room which was amazing!  The table, chairs & china cabinet were still there & there was plenty of items left behind!  The most amazing piece to me was the old recliner sitting by the massive bay window.  I can just imagine an older gentleman sitting there in his favourite chair watching the days pass.

Now before I finish off the main floor, let's head to the upper level for a look around the bedrooms!  There were three bedrooms upstairs & a bathroom.  One bedroom had the door closed for what I can only assume since the house was abandoned as it was in pristine condition.  The second was just a mess, too messy to really even go through things as the raccoons & other critters had torn most things up.  The master bedroom was fairly messy but had plenty of interesting items to look at.  There were very old documents, suitcases, electronics & plenty of religious items.  There was also two old bed frames! Moving on to the bathroom, the medicine cabinet was still full of items however the tub was filled with raccoon poop...it was pretty gross.

Now for the stairs.  Located in the centre of the house was a sturdy old stair case.  It was awesome to see that the spindles were all still there which is because this house had zero vandalism.  Its remote location has kept it safe from everything except nature which is awesome & quite rare!   At the bottom of the stairs the floor was covered with debris as the floor & roof above were so badly decayed.  You had to use extreme caution in the main floor area & Zenning with Zay actually went through in one section giving me quite a scare but fortunately we are extensively trained in the art of walking lightly!

Now for the living room. This was by far the best room in the entire house. Everything was mostly left as is but there was also a crap load of raccoon....well...crap! Regardless it was absolutely awesome to see so many interesting & old thing left behind. I must say that this house was a fave explore of the year because not only was it a time capsule, it was one that has been abandoned for such a long time that nature is winning the fight at taking it back. On top of that, there was zero vandalism! This is a true explorers dream & being so remote it was also a very relaxed explore! Abandoned Decayed Time Capsule was a great explore!

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  1. This was so wonderful to watch. I kept saying,”Awww” everytime you pointed pointed something out. I felt like I was back in the 70’s with all that panelling and green carpet. Very peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for this!

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