Abandoned Time Capsule Motel

This Abandoned Time Capsule Motel was definitely a highlight of the round trip!

It was the second day of a massive road trip with Zenning with Zay  The previous night we stopped at our first campsite on crown land & set up in the dark under a million stars.  We woke early & grabbed a few last minute supplies & were back on the road to adventure! After a few stops we ended up in a small town with an abandoned motel.  Zay had been here before however only able to access two cabins. This time everything was wide open & accessible!

There were seven cabins on the property that were cozy & all different.  So bigger than others but all certainly would give a "roughing it" feel!  They were all stuck in the past & most were completely untouched.  In fact, they still had everything still in the cupboards!  Although I am not entirely sure when it opened I did find a historic photo from around the 1950's & based on all the calendars it ceased operation in 2008. 

The first cabin closest to the main house was quite small but still had everything you needed!  The kitchen was tight, the porch had a kitchen table, couch & cabinet, a large bedroom with a bedroom off the end that still had towels hanging on the racks!!

The second was about the same as the first with a sightly different layout.  The third cabin (pic # 3) was different from the other two with no porch & everything was in one room with the exception to the bathroom which was just to the left of the entrance.  I am sure you have noticed that everything is pretty much as it was the day the place shutdown!

The fourth cabin was much bigger & had two bedrooms & a large kitchen & sitting area.  Again, everything exactly as it was the day the place shutdown.  I recommend watching the video as due to space & wasn't really able to get pictures I liked of every area!

The fifth was similar to the third & had such a cool window on the front door it reminded me of an old tube television!  Staying on theme it was completely untouched waiting for the next visitors to check in.  The sixth cabin was similar to the third with a bathroom at the front & everything else in one room (first 2 pics).

The last cabin was quite big!  It was actually similar to a small house with a full bathroom boasting ample light due to a completely missing wall!  There was a decent sized kitchen & living room along with three bedrooms.  It was definitely the Ritz of all the cabins!

The motel itself was mostly gutted as attempts had been made at one point to restore it.  Two rooms seemed to have most of the furniture from other rooms in it & the main house also seemed like it was going to be cleaned out & saved.  The town this motel is in has roughly 1,500 population & several motels.  It's not really a surprise it shutdown however there was an award on a wall for the business having been successful for many years in the community.  Let's hope this riverfront property can be brought back to its once rustic yet serene self!  What epic adventure this Abandoned Time Capsule Motel was!

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