Abandoned Country Time Capsule

In between long weekend festivities in the month of May, Zenning with Zay & I squeezed some pretty amazing explores!  I had pretty low expectations for this one based solely on the exterior however once inside it turned out to be a truly amazing place with MANY antiques & old items to discover!

The main floor had two kitchens with the back one seemingly older than the front, modernized one.   It appeared that the back kitchen was later used for storage as there seemed to be an array of items ranging from booze bottles, 8 tracks, cassettes & even pickled items in jars.  Off the kitchen was a door leading to the flooded basement & then beyond that was a bedroom completely filled with items....but we'll have a look at that later in this blog.  Outside the kitchen also lead to a living room that still had an old cabinet stereo system, a grand father clock & the room seemed to have been used as a kennel!  Then there was the newer kitchen.

The upstairs had a very low ceiling fan that I am sure someone took to the head at least once!  There was also a large sitting area with skylights, two bedrooms & a bathroom.  There was quite a bit of furniture left behind but that was not the true gem of the house!  I then ventured back down to the main floor!

I returned to the messy kitchen & began to rummage through the items & was amazed with the treasures that slowly emerged from the chaos.  There was so really interesting items to look at.  Very old items at that!   Often times many of such items are overlooked or missed as some of these places can be overwhelming but if you take the time, its amazing what some of these abandoned places can reveal!  There was one room left.....

The back bedroom was filled with amazing finds but due to space & light it was very difficult to shoot.    The house was essentially breaking apart so i was falling over taking these photos but rather this room breaking away from the rest of the house!  I highly recommend watching the video to see this room as I have plenty more details that I could film far better than photograph.  Regardless, this was a true gem for what I had expected!

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  1. can’t help but wonder what happened to the people that once lived in these places, and why so much was left behind. Sad to think about what may have happened, but very interesting to see. Thank you for sharing !!

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