Abandoned $7,000,000 Toronto Mansion

Several months back while exploring an highly sought after neighbourhood Zenning with Zay & I decided to explore a mansion that was originally discovered by an explorer named Andrew who came across it back in March of 2018.  It remained unknown for nearly a year before it was discovered again.  Unlike 99% of these mansions that are found in the same area, this one actually had some pretty serious decay happening!  Aside from the overgrown shrubs & development sign out front, you'd likely never know it was abandoned.  Now before you get too excited & complain about the price please note tat the house sold in 2014 for $3.5 million however today the 1.5 acre property is worth just over $7 million which is why I call it that!

This two storey brick home boasts a 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a 3 car garage & parking for 10 cars.  It's located in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city however it has sat empty & decaying since the sale date.  This really isn't uncommon in this area as the not only the location but the lot size is rare.   Often times these places are owned by foreign investors waiting for prices to continue to rise before eventually selling, wealthy people looking to build a dream house or even foreign nationals purchase them to move money out of one country to another.

Upon entering the mansion you walk though a foyer with a large den with fire place off to the right.  Then into a massive living space with a double sided fire place acting as a divider.  The floors were hardwood & buckling in areas due to excessive moisture.  Off to the right was the main staircase & two bedrooms.  To the left was what was likely a media room then kitchen & access to the garage & private master bedroom staircase.

The upper floor was an odd layout to say the least.  With the main staircase at one side it led to a long corridor lined with closets & has two bedrooms on either side of a bathroom.  The bathroom door was opposite the main entrance way which had vaulted ceilings & large windows.  At the far end from the main stairs was a huge master bedroom which included a 6 piece Ensuite, makeup area, a large walk-in closet & of course, the private staircase.

I then went down the private staircase which leads to a corridor beside the kitchen.  The kitchen was huge with loads of counter space & eat-in space!  Some of the items left there were a stainless steel Miele dishwasher, Gaggenau 5 burner countertop stove, KitchenAid wall over, Panasonic microwave, Subzero paneled refrigerator & freezer!

Now into the basement.  The basement was absolutely disgusting & on this trip I had forgotten my respirator however Zenning with Zay had a pack of healthcare grade masks which I opted to double up on!  I was immediately shocked by the amount of mold & decay I was seeing & didn't want to spend very much time down there for obvious reasons.  The basement included an indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, two bedrooms, gym & rec room & a walk out from the the pool area.  It was really interesting but as mentioned, it was disgusting & anyone that goes into the basement without some sort of breathing protection is down right foolish!

I was very happy to finally emerge for the depths of this moldy hell & must say it was a pretty cool explore because of the elevated levels of decay in comparison to many of the boring vacant mansions.  Gotta give a shout out to Freaktography who passed this one on to us but I don't think he has ever actually gone there!

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  1. Would love to go exploring sometime. Myself and my hubby have watched a lot of the videos. But would like to see in person. House farm mansion. What ever you think would be good place..

    1. I would start out light so you get used to it. Don’t be sneaky as it causes suspicion. Be obvious & if caught be respectful, apologetic & show a genuine interest…which is easy since you are interested! Go for the clearly abandoned & decaying stuff first as there is usually less people watching them! Happy exploring!

  2. Where is it located I am YouTuber from America exploring abandoned stuff in ontario as my grandparents live here

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