Abandoned Custom Country Mansion

One thing that has been embedded in my brain is to always be on the lookout for abandoned places to explore.  It can be difficult at times to determine if places are truly abandoned or just poorly maintained.  After a snow storm followed by a major ice storm I was headed home when I spotted a massive house that seemed to be abandoned but due to the weather & the fact that most of the population was in hibernation I wasn't entirely sure.  Many folks out in the country don't bother with plowing their driveway as they often have vehicles that can easily navigate through deep snow & with the weather people repeatedly saying "don't travel if you don't have to" I really wasn't sure.  Perhaps they had just not gone out that day.  Well, during another recent storm I went out with Zenning with Zay to check on some places I spotted as potentials & sure enough I had found some real gems....this being one of them!

With snow squalls incessant, we made our way down an extremely slippery road to the pinned point i dropped on my map.  Upon arrival it was clear that this house was abandoned.  The snow bank from the plow was quite high & the driveway had not be plowed the entire winter season.  Plus it was clear that the grounds had not be tended to as tall dead grass & weed we clearly visible through the snow.  We then geared up & hiked the long driveway in gale force winds until we finally reached the house.  Immediately we noticed some widows were boarded from the inside.  This is never a good sign but we pressed on & noticed that not all windows were boarded.  Then we found on open door & once inside, we knew we had found something special!

This house was beautiful & so big I am inclined to call it a mansion!  Not a super huge McMansion, but certainly bigger than most country homes you find in rural Ontario!  It was also quite evident that the house had many additions over the years & the last updates seemed to have stopped likely a year or so before we discovered it.  The first picture shows the original exterior brickwork as you enter through the front door.   You are then greeted with a grand room featuring gorgeous beams, beautiful fireplace & a curved staircase!

To the right led to a newer section which we will get to later however to the right led to a large kitchen which had some modern flair which didn't really appeal to me but it was big & bright so that was nice!  Behind the kitchen was a bathroom which was small so I didn't bother shooting it & then a back room with a fake fireplace & universal gym collecting dust which I am sure was on it before this house was abandoned!

Now to the upper floor.  This was weird as it had a modern staircase but this part of the house was clearly the original part.  Also weird was there was painters tape all over, garbage bags as drop cloths, & some rooms had primer on them.  Even weirder was that all the windows were wide open letting the elements in which will only accelerate the decay that is slowly making an appearance.

Now we move to the newer area of this mansion! This area was really cool & unique with a feature I had never come across in an abandoned house, let alone mansion!  There was massive room & dead centre of this area an octagon shaped opening to the second floor!  This was incredible!  There was also beams lining the ceiling & some appeared to have been hand chopped leading me to believe they were salvaged from the collapsed barn I spotted out back of the house!  Beyond that room was a gorgeous sun room with 4 skylights & plenty of large windows.  Such a beautiful area & it was simple, nothing too extravagant.  Unfortunately the skylights were failing & water was getting which seems to happen a lot.

Lastly we head upstairs where I am again greeted with beams across the ceiling.  There was a large closet at the top of the stairs, a bathroom, laundry & three bedrooms on this side.  It was really quite the place & huge!  I suspect that the flooring up here was carpeted & removed when someone had planned to do renovations but as mentioned, those seemed to have stopped quite some time ago.  Regardless, this was a very unique & epic explore!

10 thoughts on “Abandoned Custom Country Mansion”

  1. Omg this house is gourgous with a little work it could be a beautiful home as it must have been at one time. Did you ever find out whom owns the house and where exactly is it located?

  2. What an amazing place! Where the previous occupants were headed with some of the updates is puzzling. Kind of makes you happy they stopped. Definitely sad it’s been left to the elements though.

  3. Hi y’all, I love this house. awesome !! At first I was feeling a tiny irritation, not you guys. I’m one whom likes shutting windows so snow, rain, etc can’t come in and ruin things. Then I wanted to clean up snow on floor. Gosh to let that stay and ruin the beautiful wood floor. Don’t mind me. I’m a C.O.D. In many areas. Bet that place costs a bundle to. Where is this place, state ?? Don’t need address, just wanted to know state, snow there. BIY ID LOVE TO HAVE THAT PLACE AND $S TO FIX IT. That would be my dream home for sure. To bad at the end you found it had a bad roof problem. To bad someone doesn’t cover it to keep from more damage. So sad, because in the end, most people will just tear down a beauty. In all love this one !! Thanks for sharing with us. God Bless Y’all ‘all. ☺☺

  4. oh my God this is a gorgeous country House love the wood beams to I can’t believe it’s a been in nobody’s trying to fix it up or take care of it it’s the same it hurts me inside to see these houses go to the how cemetery as I put it there gorgeous they need to be loved they need family and I just it just makes me so mad to see these things go I just can’t stand to see these houses code to shame I love them I would love to be able to own one and have my family there it just breaks my heart

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