Abandoned Time Capsule Farm House

Nothing is better than a random discovery that turns out to be an absolutely amazing abandoned time capsule! Take this abandoned house for example, a completely random find that didn't really seem like there was a lot to offer from the outside.  But as they say, don't judge a book by the cover!   It was a very stormy day with snow squalls & white out conditions all around us however Zenning with Zay & I took it slow as we had no time limit on our adventure!  As we passed this house something caught our eye which was fallen branches in the front yard.  Now this isn't always indicative of an abandoned house however upon closer investigation we could see the that power had been cut to the house so we decided to go in for a closer look!  Boy were we in for a treat!

As we circled the house looking for a way in it was impossible to see inside so we could be looking at a seasonal worker home used by foreign nationals that travel from the south to help harvest crops or it could be a time capsule!  Things weren't looking good for getting in until the very last door we tried which often times seem to be have these adventures start!  Once inside we knew we had found something special but it wasn't yet known if it was indeed a time capsule.

As I entered the kitchen it quickly became apparent that in all likelihood this was an abandoned time capsule!   This kitchen was left just as if the owners walked away 11 years ago never to return.  With the power likely cut around the same time & heating off, the paint was peeling wonderfully however there were no other signs of decay meaning this old beauty had solid bones & were built roof!  Just off the kitchen was a dining room that had random a small, crude table & random items on a few other tables.  It almost seemed that items were put there for sale or the family of the owners to pick through.

Through the closed door off the kitchen was access to the basement & the front door & staircase.  This basement, unlike the last post I did venture down with my GoPro to film it as there was actually interesting items left behind but not interesting enough for me to take photos! I must say I certainly did enjoy the woodwork on & around the staircase however angles were limited due to space & glare.

Now for the living room.  This was an absolutely incredible rooms that was still completely setup with matching couch & chair set, piano with various religious books still lined up.  Atop the piano were numerous trinkets, photos placed there lovingly at one time.  The other interesting find was the life sized Golden Retriever!  You may noticed that from the first photo to the rest he has changed positions on the floor but any dog owner knows it can be difficult to take photos of your dog as they are often times always on the move, especially when the camera is on them!

As I ventured upstairs I found there were three bedrooms & a bathroom as well as attic access.  The bathroom had a big old claw foot tube which I absolutely loved!  The sink also had some unique faucets that up until then, I had not come across in an abandoned or active house for that matter!  The back bedroom was filled with stuff which mostly appeared to be records relating to the farm which was operating on the property.  As well, there were some very old photos & other personal belongings.

The last two bedrooms of the abandoned time capsule were essentially untouched.  The first bedroom still had the bed made, a dresser & some personal items including a dental mold of Bruce, the past owner!  A odd thing to keep in my opinion!  Then we enter the last bedroom.  This room was amazing & was completely untouched with everything still in place down to the shoes beside the bed.  It seemed as if whom ever slept there just up & vanished!  These finds are so interesting, mysterious & satisfying as it gives a glimpse into the past that is now seemingly forgotten.

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  1. Would you be able to email the location of this property this is absolutely breath taking and would love to experience this first hand ❤️

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