Abandoned Ontario Polish Mansion

It was the first road trip of the year Zenning with Zay & I planned & turns out its becoming a tradition as it was also the first weekend of the year! We had previously gone to Quebec at the start of 2019 & now were again off on an epic adventure!  Situated along a river in an affluent neighbourhood in Eastern Ontario city sits this once beautiful Abandoned Ontario Polish Mansion.  The mansion, set back from the street with a gated & winding driveway features many mature trees & of course backs on to a large river.  The home is said to have been owned by a wealthy business man however many specific details are unknown to me.

Although the front appears to be a large house, once you venture around the back in becomes clear that it is indeed a mansion!  There is a two car garage at the front & then around back, under the front garage was yet another two car garage!  There were two covered patios as well as roll out awnings as well as near end to end windows making this a well lit basement!

The front entrance features a custom tiled floor, curved staircase with a balcony.  Although not entirely a spiral staircase it had some nice curves & I sure do enjoy a good staircase!

The upper floor featured four bedrooms which may not see like a lot however the master was quite grand & had extra space for the bathroom & dressing area.  Each of the other bedrooms were very large & one, which was clearly a young girl's bedroom had its own full size bathroom!  There was an additional one in the corridor which was also huge & featured a nice soaking tub set under a window making for a relax place to soak.   Now let's check out the master bath & dressing area!

The first two shots are of an absolutely massive dressing area featuring four double door closets & then another huge walk-in one at the end!  I couldn't imagine having that many clothes to actually fill this, let alone one closet!  In the middle of the dressing area was a recess where there was likely a makeup mirror & seating area to do the final touch ups before heading out!  The we enter the bathroom itself which was essentially three rooms.   The first featured a shower, a sink with loads of counter space & French doors to the out side.  Then was a small room where the toilet would have been & beyond that the third room featuring yet another bathroom vanity, soaker tub & more French doors!  Plenty of prep space!

The main floor featured a large room that was likely a bedroom  then another smaller room which could also have been a bedroom or office.  The kitchen was massive & had plenty of eat in space.  As well, there was a gas fireplace at one end.  Anyone that loves cooking sure would have enjoyed working their magic in there.  Beyond the kitchen was a laundry room & pantry area.  Off the kitchen was a large dining room overlooking the river & had a walkout patio!

There was a large bathroom directly under the master bath that was heavily decayed but near equally as nice at the one above.  It was an odd setup with two toilets but when you have millions of dollars you can make a house any way you like it. On to the living room which was dead ahead of the front entrance & sure was an amazing space.  It was also heavily decayed with major cracks in the wall.  The room had marble pillars at the front of it & at the back where it overlooked the river, there was a roll away projector screen making me feel this was the family's main sitting & relaxing area.   Further back beyond the dining room was a huge glassed area with was at one time filled with plants however now only had empty planters & a few dead vines.  This would have made a sweet greenhouse!

The basement here was absolutely incredible!  There were three different accesses with the first leading down to yet another greenhouse type area.  Thee second led down to a huge entertainment area that featured a bar & likely pool table & other such games!  The last staircase led to an amazing indoor pool area!  This was so cool to see as indoor pools are not that common despite exploring a few mansions last year with them.    I must say I was quite happy with the explore despite the mansion being empty.  Waterfront property costs a fortune & although I have seen others put a price tag on this place, I can't agree with the evaluation.  That said, the property sold just weeks after we had explored it so its quite likely it will be demolished in the very near future marking the end of the Abandoned Ontario Polish Mansion.

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  1. Incredible place. Absolutely loved the video. Is it on the Grand River? Thanks again for all your great explores! ?

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