Abandoned Diner & Dairy Bar

Tucked away in a rural area of New Jersey, lies this abandoned diner & dairy bar. This was a random discovery for Freaktography & myself while headed to another spot. It turned out to be not only an awesome find, but it saved us from an accident! Turns out we had a giant chunk of metal stuck in the tire of the car. We only noticed it because the tire was bubbling in a puddle!

The diner opened shortly after a major highway was completed in the area. With its eye-catching slanted roof &canted visual front, it was the first stop of the popular summer route. The location was an immediate success & in 1959 they brough in a Kullman Princess diner car! The diner car was there up until 1995 when it was moved to a different location. The Abandoned Diner & Dairy Bar however remained & did well! Eventually acquired in 2011 by Dan and Anna Ruth and their four children. Its fate changed when the family decided to focus elsewhere. Over time, the dairy bar became a relic, forgotten by passersby. Memories of its bustling days linger in the minds of locals, but the building now stands silent, a testament to the ebb and flow of commerce. Nature reclaims the structure, vines creeping through broken windows and paint peeling from weathered walls. The abandoned dairy bar serves as a reminder of the impermanence of human endeavors, a silent witness to the passage of time. Though its days of serving sweet treats and refreshing drinks are long gone, The Abandoned Diner & Dairy Bar remains a poignant symbol of bygone days in New Jersey's landscape.

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