St. Matthew’s Catholic Church

In early 2024 Zenning with Zay & I explored the abandoned St. Matthew’s Catholic Church!  This church has definitely seen better days but it still was an amazing explore!

Amidst the quaint streets of Buffalo, New York, lies the abandoned St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, a relic of bygone eras. Founded by Rev. George Sellinger in 1908, the parish witnessed the tumult of nature when an uncommon tornado razed the original structure in June 1910. Despite adversities, the resilient community rallied, erecting the nunnery, rectory, and school between 1911 and 1923, while worshipping in the basement until funds allowed the completion of the church in 1928 for $225,000.


However, the echoes of worship faded into silence on March 3, 1993, marking the end of an era. Since then, the church has been a pawn in the hands of various owners. From the failed stewardship of World Wide Bible Deliverance Inc. in 1998 to the erratic ownership transitions in the 2000s, including an ill-fated attempt to list the property on eBay, the church has witnessed neglect and decay.


Frank Beard's dream of transforming the space into a community center faltered in 2011 when financial woes led to desperate measures, stripping valuable elements for meager gains. Despite subsequent attempts at salvation by Keith Ware of The Way Christian Community, the church remained ensnared in a cycle of abandonment.

Today, the once-hallowed halls stand as a haunting testament to neglect, listed yet again in the city's tax auction, awaiting a fate uncertain. As the city's skyline evolves, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church remains frozen in time, a silent witness to the ebb and flow of human endeavor, awaiting its next chapter.

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