Abandoned Dream Country Home

This Abandoned Dream Country Home was a nice surprise for Zenning with Zay & myself!  Having only been abandoned recently, it was pretty fresh!

Discovering the Enchanting Tale of a Newly Abandoned Country Dream Home

Nestled among rolling hills and surrounded by a sea of wildflowers, a newly abandoned country dream home tells a captivating story of forgotten dreams and faded memories. As you step onto the overgrown pathway leading to the weathered front porch, you are transported to a time long past, where laughter once echoed and the warmth of family gatherings filled the air.

The upstairs was rather simple.  With a large master bedroom & two smaller bedrooms.  The master bedroom had a walk-out over of sorts the garage that seemed to be used for smoking.  The other two bedrooms were smaller in size but each boasted great views!

The air is thick with nostalgia as you enter the spacious living room, where remnants of a bygone era linger in every corner. An intricately designed fireplace with a stone façade is the centerpiece of the living room.  Overlooking the hills in the distance.

The kitchen was certainly big & bright with a large eat in area.  Just off the kitchen was an area that could be used as a dining room but also an office area.  Lastly was a large room that may have been the actual master bedroom but it could have been a living room.  It did have a walk out to the patio, additionally there was a large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub!

One cannot help but be drawn to the backyard, where an inground pool, now a haven for frogs and other water creatures, reflects the passage of time. The once-clear waters, now a tranquil pond, shimmer under the dappled sunlight that filters through the canopy of ancient oak trees. Frogs serenade each other with their melodious symphony, adding to the surreal ambiance that envelopes this abandoned haven.

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  1. It’s a spectacular property. Thank you for sharing. Do you know why was it abandoned? You mention the neighborhood being demolished, why?

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