Abandoned House with Secret Oasis

This Abandoned House with Secret Oasis was pure luck to find.  Aside from a small peak of the barn, the entire property is hidden behind trees.  I decided one day to finally look on the map to see if there was anything else back & sure enough I saw a house.   So Zenning with Zay & I headed to check it out!

In a world of forgotten places, our journey led us to an Abandoned House with a Secret Oasis. The allure of mystery drew us in, prompting an exploration that surpassed expectations.

As we approached, anticipation heightened. Stepping through the threshold, history whispered through creaking floors. Transfixed by the past, we ventured further, guided by curiosity.

Moving from room to room, a sense of time's passage enveloped us. Each corner held stories, echoing their once-vibrant inhabitants. The I entered the kitchen.  Although dated it was definitely cool!

As we explored this forgotten area a sense of connection with history and nature intertwined. Here, within the Abandoned House's Secret Oasis, time's passage felt suspended, bridging the gap between past and present.

Through a rustic barn door, a breathtaking sight awaited – a Hidden Oasis within the Abandoned House. Mirroring the serenity of an untouched world, a pool empty however containing some decay.  In addition to the pool was a hot tub.  Obviously we had to investigate further!

In awe, we navigated the barn's interior, drawn to the oasis like explorers to a long-forgotten treasure. Pigeons in a state of panic, fluttered about in an attempt to escape.

Our exploration of the Abandoned House with a Secret Oasis left us humbled and inspired. The beauty of discovery, the embrace of the past, and the enchantment of an unexpected oasis – all reminders that even amidst neglect, hidden gems can still shine through.  This was an epic adventure!

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