Abandoned Ocean View Resort

On a rainy afternoon in Nova Scotia we stumbled across this Abandoned Ocean View Resort!  It was a few days into Zenning with Zay & my trip to the Nova Scotia with Opie!

According to a popular travel site this Abandoned Ocean View Resort is nestled between picturesque mountains.  With its  ocean views it presents a stunning display of the regions finest landscapes. The rooms have been completely renovated to provide utmost comfort, and the restaurant offers an exquisite array of delectable dishes, including Lobster, Mussels, Snow Crab, Scallops, and a diverse range of options to cater to various tastes. Within a short stroll, you can engage in world-class whale watching. Additionally, the hill adjacent to the restaurant and the private beach below offer remarkable vantage points to witness the mesmerizing sunsets as they gracefully descend into the sea each evening.

That all sound pretty good but it seems that was truly the case.  Now you have to expect it won't be the same as the big fancy city you may live in.  There is nearly no cell service in many areas including where this resort is.  That said, I looked past those comments about wi-fi to see what this place was really like.

From what I can find the resort closed in 2019 but had been declining for a while.  Many of the reviews stated it offered the basics.  Not frills yet still cost a lot.  It seems that in 2017 things really started to go downhill.  Poor reviews start to dominate which is unfortunate to see.  Many people did state it boasted beautiful views & good service, with the latter eventually falling.

There was previously a facebook page which is now gone.  I had was able to see some additional information about this place & the owners however I didn't get a chance to save it prior to the takedown.  Unfortunately I will have to speculate that based on the timing of the last reviews, this Abandoned Ocean View Resort was likely a victim of that whole virus garbage.  Hopefully someone is willing to breath some new life into this place but only time will tell!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Ocean View Resort”

  1. Love the places you visited every week. Zane, Opie and Jamie Paolozza have a wonderful blessed day in Canada. Keep on exploring Canada.

  2. …”virus garbage”… yeah, you’re so damn right, but prepare for that political shitshow entering the next round soon… i can already smell the headlines… “virus nightmare returns blahblah”… and all the stupid sheeple still buy that shit. Always remember, NEVER take their poison! They never did anything than lie to you, create some new fantasy taxes for each and everything while stripping you of your money, rights and freedom, while pumping poison into you through air, groceries and medicaments, day by day. But hey look, now they suddenly have something for free for you, an “experimental” toxxxine…

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