Abandoned Mountain Home

This Abandoned Mountain Home was a discovery by Zenning with Zay.  I was surprised she spotted it through the trees as I hadn't noticed a thing!  She definitely has a eye for abandoned places!

Firstly this place was super picturesque!  Nestled in the mountains with greenery as far as you can see.  The old, weathered exterior made for some awesome shots!

Once inside I notice how rustic the home was. No frills, just the basics.  But, it was quite a surprise when I found a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom!  Additionally, it was clear this place was quit old by the construction.

The main room or living room was pretty cozy & even had a deer head & hooves as wall decor.  I was actually surprised to see the head still there as it is a nice piece!  So nice that I had to take a selfie with it!  Lastly we cannot forget that super creepy doll.  Not sure why but dolls found in abandoned places are automatically creepier!

Upstairs the Abandoned Mountain Home was sad.  It seemed that all the children's belongings were left behind.  This is something that we have come across many times before but it always is strange to me.   Why would all these children's things just be left.  Did the kid outgrow them or was it something else?  Either way we are left with unanswered questions which often happens.

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