Abandoned Grow Op House

This abandoned house will soon meet the wrecking ball.  Situated in a highly sought after neighbourhood with decent sized lot & backing on to a ravine, this is prime redevelopment land.  The house is quite large with plenty of natural light in the kitchen & dining area.

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The house had been tossed a bit & there was clear evidence that someone had or was squatting there.  Not sure if it was done by the squatter or by random vandals but some areas were a mess.  There was some decent paint peel in some areas.  Although most things had been removed, there were still quite a few features that were really cool!  It was definitely an above average house!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The basement was definitely a party area with a beautiful bar & huge area for hanging out.  It was very bright & spacious with a few smaller rooms down a corridor.  As I was exploring I entered a room that seemed a little weird to me.  As I looked around it became very evident that there had been a grow op in the basement of the house.  In fact, there was a bag full of weed trimmings!  This was quite surprising but not the first time I have come across this!

8 thoughts on “Abandoned Grow Op House”

  1. oh my!!! i could live here. hopefully someone shut the patio door before leaving this sweet place. snow already gettin inside n ruining such beauty. so sad that it is left to rot.

  2. Awesome house and video. I just love your videos and i always keep my eyes open for new ones. Keep up the awesome work

  3. has anyone tried to sell it? It looks like an easy clean-up to me.If it were here in Vegas it would bring big bucks.

    1. I believe it is now owned by a developer who will demolish it & build a bigger, more expensive house in its place.

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