Abandoned Jacuzzi Tub House

This abandoned house is located in a neighbourhood that is seeing redevelopment.  In fact, the house next door to it is also abandoned!  The house is quite big & sits on a nice sized lot & backs on to a ravine.  It was a nice surprise to see that this abandoned house was completely untouched by vandals.

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The kitchen features a skylight & was a fair size.  There also was a very large living room with a sitting area completely surrounded with windows & skylights with another small sitting room also with many windows.  I can imagine this to be a very bright home on a sunny day!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

Oddly there was one bedroom which I was unable to enter even after using a bit of force.  This put me a bit on edge as I saw a shady character lurking at the back of the two houses & he just up & disappeared.  There was someone squatting at the house beside this one which makes me feel there could have been someone barricaded in the bedroom.

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The basement was finished & quite large.  There was a second Jacuzzi tub in a huge bathroom off a bedroom, a wet bar & a funky little chill room with partial glass block walls!  Although there was pretty much zero decay, it was a interesting house to explore & will soon only be remembered by these photos.

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  1. Do you ever research the property for information on the deserted house? It would be interesting to know something about it.

    1. I do as much research as I can. Often times the old farms are either abandoned due to death, a large scale farming operation purchase the land & leaves the house as is but this home was sold & the new owners want to tear it down & rebuild.

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