Abandoned House & Car Graveyard

Hidden completely from site is this Abandoned House & Car Graveyard.   The usual tricks I use to find abandoned places wasn't working here so Zenning with Zay & I decided to check it out while in the area!

The driveway was almost completely hidden but I could make out the previous ruts through the field.  We weren't too sure if we would be able to drive up, but we tried!  The thing is, the house is completely hidden from sight.  But, you have to drive throw a field of grass that was easily a foot tall.  Not wanting to be seen, we have to giver er but still be safe!

Just as we got to the edge of the woods there was a fairly large log across the driveway.  Since I was behind the wheel, Zay jumped out & hauled that bad boy out of our path!  The we came into a clearing & saw the house.  Usually the passenger jumps out to check on places but Zay had a sketchy experience about an hour earlier.  So, I put it in park & went over to check it out.  Sure enough we had found another gem!

The top floor of the Abandoned House & Car Graveyard was quite a mess.  It always surprises me how much stuff can accumulate on the upper floor of these abandoned places.  It was actually difficult to move around up there with all the crap!

My favourite part of the Abandoned House & Car Graveyard was the living room.  It was a bit messy, but also so awesome!  It had been left set up from when the past owners had lived there.  So many personal items were left behind including records, trinkets & family photos.  It's quite sad to see family photos, especially photo alums left behind,

Also on the main floor was two bedrooms, a small storage room, a bathroom & the kitchen.  The kitchen was messy but the cupboards were just as the owners had left them.  Fully stocked with dishes!

The house was a mess but we took the time to find some of the details.  Places like this can be overwhelming but if you look, you will find some truly interesting things!

When I finished shooting the house I went outside. Zay was still at it so I wandered around.  That's when I spotted a rusty old car!  I was amazing with it as I love old cars.  But that wasn't it, I noticed further back what looked like more cars.  Sure enough, there were numerous others left to decay! But, One of them was a pick up truck & had a tree growing from the truck bed!  This truly was an amazing abandoned place!

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  1. This is so amazing! Just curious how you get permission to go into abandoned homes? Do you cegó to the courthouse to look up the owners? Or do you just go into these homes? I love that you get to see the house exactly the way it was left, and you get to see all there vintage things! Enjoy, great job and stay safe! Can’t wait to see another abandoned home!

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