$7,000,000 Abandoned Mansion

When Zenning with Zay & I walked inside this  $7,000,000 Abandoned Mansion were were stunned!  It was absolutely amazing from top to bottom!

This was actually the second mansion we explored that day. The first was The Abandoned $4,000,000 Hillside Estate which was amazing!  But, this one was even better!  This 2½ storey mansion was built around the turn of the 20th century. It was built for a self made financier.  He, along with his wife lived there until his death in the 1960's.

The top floor of the $7,000,000 Abandoned Mansion was actually smaller than the rest.  It still was very awesome!  With two bedrooms & a bathroom.  Plus, a huge skylight directly above the epic staircase!

The second level of the $7,000,000 Abandoned Mansion seemed to be the main living space.  There were three huge bedrooms & three bathrooms.  One bedroom we could easily tell was a girls room.  This was based entirely on the VERY bright pink pain job!  The other rooms we a huge bedroom & what I suspect was the master bedroom.  Off the master bedroom was a walk-in closet.  But that wasn't all!  There was also a huge sunroom!

The main floor of the mansion was incredible!  There was a huge living room which could have easily been a stately dining room.  The hardwood table in it was probably the biggest table I had ever seen!  Plus that fireplace!  Never have I come across one as grand with windows on either side.  Off the living room was the massive family room with tiled floors & leaded windows!

The kitchen in the $7,000,000 Abandoned Mansion was to die for!  Bright & beautiful with plenty of storage space!  Plus slate flooring & it lead to a breakfast with patio walk out!

The basement wasn't too exciting but it did have some nice features!  Of the not so exciting things there was first, a small laundry room.  Secondly, what appeared to be a kids play room.  Lastly a small bathroom.  Now on to the massive rec room featuring a beauty fireplace & a quite large wine cellar.

Last but not least is my favourtie of most abandoned places.  The stairs!  I believe this style is a winder but I am not 100% sure.  These beautiful stairs stretch for the top floor all the way into the basement.  The future of the mansion is not clear.  It was supposed to be demolished for a new build but the neighbourhood rallied to halt it.  It seems that due to historical significance it may indeed be saved, but only time will tell.

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    1. I agree. It is a gorgeous house with not too much damage. It should be sold, or if that isn’t possible then maybe it could be moved. There are companies that do that. Great photos and video @riddimryder!

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