Abandoned Luxury Estate

Several months ago while exploring with Freaktogrpahy we discovered the Abandoned Luxury Estate.  There were a few tell tall signs that led us to think it was abandoned.  While Freak finished off another explore, I went & checked on this to see if it truly was abandoned.  Sure enough, it was!

When I walked inside I was amazed with the estate.  The woodwork throughout was absolutely incredible!  It seemed spotless but there was some decay noticeable.

The Abandoned Luxury Estate did not have that many bedrooms but what it lacked in sleeping space, it more than made up for it in living space!  The upstairs featured four bedrooms, a bathroom & en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom.  The paint choice was pretty bad but the flooring was beautiful & well kept!

The Abandoned Luxury Estate features a wing with a turret with a very high ceiling.  Not really sure what the purpose of that room was & it was gave of a serious echo!  Beyond the turret was the three car garage.  Above the garage was a huge loft!

Back over at the main part of the estate is a huge family room with Oak wainscoting, massive exposed beam & a gas fireplace.  Then down a back corridor you make your way to a gorgeous office with floor to ceiling wood.

Next we check out the kitchen which had a huge eat-in area.  Then over to the beautiful dining room lined with oak walls!  Then you would step down to a sunken living room.  It was in the living beside the fire place where the only decay could be found in the entire estate.

Lastly, but certainly not the least was the elegant staircase.  The curved stairs were made of oak & had a beautiful railing.  At the top of the stairs was a skylight allowing plenty of light in over the gorgeous chandelier.  Its sad knowing that this beautiful Abandoned Luxury Estate will be demolished but, that's the way it goes.

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