Billionaire’s Vacant Mansion

At the beginning of the global pandemic Zenning with Zay & I explored the Billionaire's Vacant Mansion!  We were put on to the place by our friend Freaktography however we didn't meet up with him as the Covid scare was fresh & we weren't taking any chances.

The mansion is quite grand from the outside.  A huge roundabout driveway can easily accommodate 15+ cars.  The mansion itself had numerous domes which seems to be quite stylish these days based on many of the other newer mansion in the area.

The kitchen was fairly big & off of it was a massive two story eating area.  This was rather spectacular with crazily high ceilings, marble flooring & huge windows.  Beyond that room was another room featuring a double-sided fireplace.  Perhaps this would have been a dining room but it's hard to say.

The main floor of the Billionaire's Vacant Mansion also featured several other rooms. Three massive living rooms, a huge pantry & library.  There was also a huge indoor pool.  It was on the main floor, but only accessible through the basement or from outside.

The upper floor had seven bedrooms & many unfinished bathrooms.  The mansion is worth $18,000,000 but so far there really wasn't anything amazing aside from the pool.

now there is an epic part to the Billionaire's Vacant Mansion, but before we get to it let's check out the basement.  Now this was definitely built to entertain.  With a full kitchen that can be closed off.  There was also two bedrooms, a bar area & beautiful walk out to the backyard.

Now for the epicness!  The grand foyer with double staircase!  This was definitely my favourite part of the Billionaire's Vacant Mansion for obvious reasons!

The grand foyer was basically two storeys of showing off wealth.  The area was huge but really not functional other than being a show piece.  That said, if I was a billionaire I would have something awesome like this!  The future of the mansion is unknown as it has sat in limbo for several years.  To close it off, here are a few drone shots!

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