Abandoned 1900s Farmhouse

My first attempt to explore the Abandoned 1900s Farmhouse was in the summer of 2019.  But I had no luck getting in.  It was a brutally hot day just like today & I walked so far in an attempt to be stealth.  Then in March Zenning with Zay & I were finishing up our day & decided to hit one last spot.  I wasn't really expecting to get inside. But once I got around the back, I found the doors way wide open!

This beautiful Abandoned 1900's Farmhouse received a status of cultural heritage in the category of agricultural.  You would think a designation would protect it but that is often not the case.  Many similar houses are in the same boat where they are given the status, however they sit & rot.  I know one of the issues with these heritage homes is that they are restrictions to what you can do.  Not to mention they can have quite a few code violations.  Zay & I were actually looking at an historic home but there was tens thousands of dollars in work to bring it up to code!

I was unable to determine when this Abandoned 1900's Farmhouse received its status but that it does seem that it has a chance at being saved.   The status was given because firstly, the property has a 2-storey brick farmhouse.  This featured a hip roof & projecting front gable.  Lastly, the barn & stable which are set back from the house.

The future for this abandoned 1900s farmhouse is uncertain.  But there is always a chance it will be saved.  The beautiful woodwork inside alone should at the very least be salvaged.  Often times these old beauties are left too long & begin to rot.  Sadly the designation alone will not ensure it is saved.  For example, other heritage homes in the area & are in such a state of disrepair that they are a lost cause.

The upper level of the farmhouse had for bedrooms & a bathroom.  Similar to the main floor there was plenty of beautiful wood work.  In short, this amazing place is still in great shape.  But the longer it sits, the higher the chance it will be lost.

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