Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion

Recently Zenning with Zay & I explored the Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion!  Have to give a shout out to Freaktography & Carlo Paolozza for hooking us up with this one!

The mansion is located in a well off neighbourhood where many homes are worth several million dollars.  What surprised me is that there was so many items left behind!  It most cases homes that are likely to be demolished have nothing much in the, but this place had loads!   Many of the rooms were still set up!

The first room we check is quite sad.  Basically an untouched girl's bedroom.  It seemed as if everything was untouched & left behind.  But, the good news is that all clothing & items in drawers & closets were gone.  Its sad though to see some of her prized possessions left there.

The rest of the upstairs had a small bedroom, main bathroom & a office/den as well as a servants bedroom.  BUT, that was not all!

Furthermore, there was the master bedroom.  Just off it was a nice little lounge area with a walkout balcony & fireplace.  It would be a perfect little spot to relax with a drink before bed!  The master bedroom was huge & featured a large walk-in closet & off that was a huge master bathroom with jacuzzi tub, shower stall & as with most mansions in Ontario, a toilet with a bidet right beside it!

The main floor had a huge eat in kitchen with plenty of appliances & eat in area.  It was rather clinical with all the white but I guess some like that.  I mean, it wasn't the worst, but you have to remember the Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion had live in servants!  Off the kitchen was a very nice dining room with multiple windows allowing in ample western sunlight to illuminate your evening dinner parties!

What good is a mansion without a pool?  Especially one that is indoors in a two storey room!  This was pretty surprising to find but then looking at the rest of the houses/mansions, it seems to be on or above par!  It was so friggin hot in there though.  I bet it was a nice tropical oasis, but it would get stinking hot & moldy if there was still water in the pool!

Now lets check out the rest of this ridiculous place.  The living room was absolutely stunning! Fully furnished it what I felt was an Aristocratic decor! So incredible even for words! With so much left behind it truly makes you wonder. But, many rich people can just dismiss things & rebuild.

Well the front entrance, grand staircase all speaks for them self.  I was in awe & disbelief.  It was beyond stunning & left me staggered.

As I finished off the Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion I ventured into the basement.  Aside from the amazing wine cellar, there really wasn't much to see.  There was a huge basement to match the footprint of the mansion.  There was also plenty of storage space & even a basement kitchen!  I did see a disco ball but sadly could not get it to fire up.  I suspect there were some teen parties down there that were pretty rocking!

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion”

  1. Do you ever look up the property records for the status of the house? I would be extremely interested in knowing more.

  2. Do you know when the mansion was abandoned? It is in great condition and looks like it was within the last 10 years. I does look like squatters have cleaned up certain rooms to a degree.

  3. It has to be resided in within the last 5 years. The bath and body works soap container in the master bath is the new shape which wad changed in 2015-2016. Such a beautiful place

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