Abandoned 1900s Stone House

While on vacation, Zenning with Zay & I randomly came across this beautiful Abandoned 1900s Stone House!

We had set out with hopes of finding an abandoned stone house & after a few disappointments, we spotted an overgrown property.  It didn't look like much from the road as it was quite overgrown, but once we got inside we were amazed with what we discovered!

We started off in the kitchen & right away found there to be some many things left behind.  The kitchen was a decent size but nothing special.  Off one side was a bathroom & a door leading into the garage which was home to several raccoons.  The bathroom was the only one in the house which was quite far & out of the way.

Off the other side of the kitchen was a small room then a living room.  This room was pretty awesome!  We found a big old flat screen tv, a few pieces of furniture & a sweet radio/record player cabinet.  The Abandoned 1900s Stone House was starting to reveal it's secrets to us!

The Abandoned 1900s Stone House seemed to have been added to over the years.  The next area was the front of the house which had 5 rooms.  The biggest was a family room with some furniture, plenty of magazines & a fireplace.  Across the corridor I found a room with a beautiful pump organ & some furniture left behind.  Then beside that was another room with a fireplace & then a small room with exercise bike at the front of the house.  Across the corridor back on the family room side was another large room that we found odd as it had kitchen appliances in it!

The house was pretty awesome but it kept getting better!  The main corridor was huge!  We figured this part of the house was a later addition when the family really started earning some big bucks!  The odd thing to me was that if they did add this on from an influx of wealth, why the heck didn't they add another bathroom!!

Next I headed upstairs. At the base of the stairs was a small room with a bunch of random items in it. Nothing really interesting so I kept on. You would think because of how nice the lower level was, the upper would be the same but that was not the case. There were only two small bedrooms & both were a mess. One bedroom still had a bed frame & trophies proudly displayed on a shelf. The other bedroom had some cool items such as a yearbook & old holiday cards but it was also full of junk.

Before I finished my explore I wanted to take some details shots. I don't often take a lot of detail shots but I loved this place so much I felt it deserved the extra attention.

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