Two Million Dollar Custom Mansion

After months of watching & waiting, Zenning with Zay & I finally were able to explore this Two Million Dollar Custom Mansion!

We had our eyes on this mansion for quite a while. In fact, we even explored one that was virtually across the street when this one first caught of eye! The one across the street was the Untouched Abandoned $2.5 Million Dollar Mansion which had suffered fire damage in the basement.  We had never actually gone up to this one to check it out.  But then my good pal Freaktography sent me a message letting me know it was definitely abandoned & ready to be explored!!

The mansion didn't look like much from the front but did boast a three car garage!   This was a good sign as most small places do not have that many garages!  It wasn't until we went around back that we could see just how big this place was!  While looking for a way in, I went up on the back deck.  One of the sketchiest decks I have ever been on!  Most of the deck board was held together by paint!  So rotten!  Plus, there was a massive hole covered with a large piece of plexi-glass.

I started out the explore on the top floor.  First thing that struck me was how plain the rooms were.  Sure, there was laminate flooring to add some colour but it really didn't flow well.  There were four bedrooms on the top floor & two bathrooms.  It seemed a lot of the fixtures were removed before the place was abandoned.

The main floor of the mansion was on point with the upper level.  Same grey walls throughout with laminate flooring throughout most as well as this brick patterned type flooring.  The kitchen was bright & open but the whole layout of the house bothered me.  There was an enormous amount of wasted space which didn't make much sense to me.  I mean you're building a Two Million Dollar Custom Mansion, why not give it some character!

The basement of the mansion was setup for parties/entertaining.  The thing is, there was massive openings around the stairs which you will see in the next gallery.  The problem with that is if you were to have a rocking party the noise would carry throughout the mansion!

As with any abandoned place the staircase is always something I am eager to see.  This place was the same.  I had high hopes of an epic staircase but it didn't deliver in a way I would have expected.  I mean, it was reminiscent to a shopping mall rather than a mansion.  It took up an enormous amount of space & was really not that interesting in terms of design.  That said, it still was pretty cool regardless!

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  1. Sounds like a waste of their money and your time. Someone must have thought they knew all about it when they drew up the hilarious building plans.

    Glad nobody fell through the rot!

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