Abandoned Bed & Breakfast

This Abandoned Bed & Breakfast was a random discovery by Zenning with Zay & myself.  We were out & about when we spotted a house with all the tell tale signs of an abandonment.  Within minutes we were inside & in absolute awe with what we had discovered!

I wanted to start of the explore of the Abandoned Bed & Breakfast on the top floor.  This three story house didn't seem like a lot from outside but once inside we were amazed!  The third storey was a bedroom with a small bathroom.  It was pretty much left untouched from when the past owners lived there.  Beds still made, items left out.  If was also in pristine condition with only spider webs to deal with.   But, as I make my way down, you can really see how cruel time has been.

To access the top floor I had to pass through this room & into a nearly hidden doorway.  This room was amazing!  Still setup just as the owners had left it.  This is where we could start to see the decay.  I was surprised to see the top floor so pristine but lower floors getting progressively worse.  Then Zay said there may have been a pipe burst on the second floor which made sense why the lower levels were so bad.

Next to that room was a bedroom with a few mattresses stacked & a little sitting area.   Then across the hallway from that was a library that was completely untouched.  It was truly amazing to come across something that has been abandoned this long yet still pristine.  Far too often we find places that have been looted or rummaged through but this one was a real gem!

The last bedroom on the second floor was pretty awesome!  With everything just left as is & the natural decay.  This place just kept on giving & in all honesty it was waaaay better that a lot of mansions I've explored!  The colours & textures in this room were just so appealing!

As you can see the kitchen still had everything left behind.  All the cupboards were fully stocked as if the owners just stepped out, 15 years ago!

My favourite part of the Abandoned Bed & Breakfast had to be the living room & dining room.  The furniture & really everything was awesome!  The living room couch was especially amazing!  Not something you very often in abandoned places!  Plus the decor was very unique.  The dining room had some decay setting in which made it all the more awesome!  I took shots from every angle possible!  As far as time capsules go, this is right up there other top contenders!

Closing off on this incredible place I took full advantage of the details with the 50mm lens.  I really should use it more often but with taking photos & shooting a video, it can become too time consuming.  Either way, this place was so awesome & I am glad we were able to explore it!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Bed & Breakfast”

  1. This looks like it might have been some kind of boarding house for Croatian refugees. it doesn’t seem like a B&B would have had that much stuff left behind.

  2. Were you able to find why the B & B was abandoned? And what year? I saw a calendar in the kitchen but couldn’t see the year. Thanks for all your explores! Abandoned homes in Cali are few and far between.

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