Abandoned Country Stone House

Set far back from the road sits a beautiful Abandoned Country Stone House.  Zenning with Zay & I were out on an adventure when she spotted it up a long driveway

We weren't entirely sure if it was actually abandoned as it looked in really great shape however the grounds were overgrown.  It wasn't until we drove right up that we could see it was abandoned.  A window was boarded & then we noticed the power lines had been cut.

The Abandoned Country Stone House was bigger than it looked from the road.   Just like the Abandoned 1900's Stone House!  But just like that one, once we got up beside that's when the true size revealed itself.

Upstairs was pretty small in the original part of the house.  The back part which was the newer section had a huge room with plenty of windows & a nice brick fireplace.  In the front was two bedrooms & a bathroom.  Not surprisingly there were some Christmas decorations left behind.

The downstairs here was really sweet! I loved the front sitting room which the beauty stone work. Plus the wood ceiling in there was awesome!  I figured it was likely added later as there front door opened into it.  The kitchen was big & had loads of light but in all honestly, there was a bit too much wood for my liking.  Sure, it looked nice, but too much wood!

My favourite part of the Abandoned Country Stone House was definitely the main floor bathroom.  It was huge & had a soaker tub in the middle.  Would be a great place to relax & look out over the fields.  I semi think the master bedroom was off this bathroom but it's hard to say.

Now I be you were wondering if there was a staircase in this place! Well of course there was & it was pretty sweet! This was a great explore & as always its nice to get into a place before vandals destroy it.

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  1. Great find! This exactly what I picture living in, in my dreams. With a narn for horses of course! Gorgeous wood floors, maybe cover some of the wood walls. They’re beautiful but not sure I’d like that much. Hot tub is AWESOME!!

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