Toronto Abandoned Brick Home

This Toronto Abandoned Brick Home is just off a very busy road & is sitting in a prime redevelopment neighbourhood.

I've know about this abandoned house for quite a while however we Zenning with Zay & I were never able to get inside. I could however see into the garage & inside was a fairly new Audi SUV. That also sorta freaked me out but you could tell the place wasn't occupied. This year it has really gone downhill & there is zero effort to even half assedly maintain the grounds!

As you can see from above the backyard is like a jungle & the pool a swamp! When I first checked on it, you could see it wasn't kept but now it's just a disaster!

The backyard of the Toronto Abandoned Brick Home was unbelievably overgrown.  It has been several years since anyone tended to it.  The pool, which is not fenced off is full to the brim & disgusting.  It really is a water hazard!

Once I got inside I noticed it was a mess. There was stuff left all over the kitchen & a hole in the ceiling.  In the dining room there was a table & chairs set up in front of a large LG flat screen TV.   Paperwork left on the table was for the planned condo building that will eventually replace this house. I also noticed track lighting which was likely installed to highlight images of the condo hung on the walls.

The front entrance was setup like a lobby of an office with a reception type area.  The mirrors in the first pic cover a wall & have a hidden door that leads into a bathroom!  There is a front room that was filled with Asian themed items.  I found lots of little gifts & tea sets.

The staircase in here was pretty boring.  It was also covered with padded fabric which I bet is not only impossible to clean, but really ugly!  I guess not every place can have an epic spiral stair case!  The master bedroom had mirrored closets & nook by the window with an endless mirror illusion!

The last bedroom was the most interesting to me!  The built in bed & cabinet was pretty awesome!  Would be a great room for a kid but I didn't think the two pot lights above the bed were a good idea.  Not only would it be super bright, but it would also get pretty hot under them!

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