Abandoned US Post Office (Gary Indiana)

In early 2020 I went to Gary Indiana & one of our stops was the Abandoned US Post Office.

This was our second in the city & our third stop of the day. This first stop was the well know City Methodist Church!  When we drove by the Abandoned US Post Office I really didn't expect much from it.  The side facing the main road was almost entirely boarded up.  I figured it would be super dark in there but much to my surprise it wasn't!

Unfortunately there really isn't that much information of the The Abandoned US Post Office in Gary Indiana but I was able to get a bit of information! Gary, which is part of the rust belt was thriving from steel production in the 1900's. Once the great depression was in the rear view, the post office was built to "gussy up" the city! It was quite an impressive building however its life span was short. From what I can find out, the post office was closed down sometime in the 1970's. This would be because of dying industry & mass exodus from the city jobs were scare.

The decay here was pretty intense.  Everything of value had been long stripped away.  It makes sense though as the city is very run down.  Plus, this has been abandoned for 40 plus years.  The building was definitely built tough but nature is fighting hard to take it back.  In all honesty I never thought I would explore an abandoned post office of this size but when a city this big hits hard times, there is just no taxes to keep it going.

Abandoned selfie

Of course when I saw a desk sitting in the middle of this decrepit place I had to take a selfie!  Looking forward to some more state side adventures but who knows when that will happen!  Be sure to check out the City Methodist Video & the Abandoned Horace Mann High School Video as well!

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