Abandoned Toronto Home

Located in an older neighbourhood is this Abandoned Toronto Home.  Zenning with Zay & I had spotted this beauty a while back but were tight on time.

In all honesty I wasn't able to find any real information about the house as I don't really remember where it was! On the day which we explored it, it was just by change that we drove by!  Later that day we explored the abandoned $4,000,000 California Ranch Style Mansion!

The original home was built in the early 1900's which puts it at over 100 years of age! I noticed that there was an addition put on the back but not sure when that was added.

I started the explore on the third floor. There were two bedrooms & a bathroom. Nothing too fancy up there but as I work my way doen it became much nice!

The second floor was where things started looking nicer but as we continued down it got better! Beautiful large windows & the woodwork started to show. The doors were all solid wood!

The master bedroom wasn't huge by any means however it was pretty nice! Near floor to ceiling windows overlook the backyard pool & the was a fireplace! This was part of the addition put on the house & directly over the kitchen. Then we get the first real glimpse of the stairs. With beautiful wood & wainscoting, I bet it cost a few bucks to put in!

The main level of the Abandoned Toronto Home was definitely the nicest!  Beautiful hardwood flooring throughout!  The main entrance way where the stairs are hard loads of beautiful woodwork.  There was a small family room with a fireplace, a living room & dining room that could be closed off with pocket doors!

The kitchen was definitely my favourite part of the Abandoned Toronto Home. I absolutely love the stove top & copper hood! Plus, that beautiful brick fireplace! There was a huge eat in area with a patio walkout to the yard. Properties are often pretty tight in the city but these guys did a great job making it all come together!

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