Classic Ontario Farm House

Here is an example of a Classic Ontario Farm House!  I had driven by it dozens of times but never took the time to stop.  Zenning with Zay showed me some pics she took a while back & I knew I had to come shoot it myself!

This Classic Ontario Farm House is located on a busy road heading to cottage country so I am sure many people will recognize it. I always assumed it was nothing special & was determined to get to where I was going rather than stopping. I must say I am happy to have had a chance to check it out!

The weather was great when we visited so I was excited to put my drone up to get some different angles. I was pretty happy with the results!! Everything looks so cool from high above the normal line of sight!

The main floor had an awesome family room with items left behind! Its actually pretty surprising that there was no real vandalism here but I am sure there was items stolen over the years. Being in such a high visibility area can spell disaster to abandoned places!

My favourite part of this Classic Ontario Farm House was the upstaira but before I show you the best part, here is the all the rooms. There were three bedrooms & a bathroom. They were all it pretty rough shape but the front bedroom had major damage. Thanks to a gaping hole in the ceiling!

The main corridor area of the upstairs was just so awesome! The textures, architecture & colour was just so amazing!! I bet it was quite the place back in the day!  They certainly don't make em like they used to!  Plus, I started off exploring old abandoned houses so its always good to get back to your roots!

4 thoughts on “Classic Ontario Farm House”

  1. Looks like that table beside the high chair is actually a bedside table for invalids. Hmm. I would love to hear the backstory to this one. And what happened to the people who left those items behind.

  2. If Linda is talking about the furniture in the tv room that is an old 60s era telephone table and an ironing board.

    1. In the 60s we had a wooden one with a bench and the phone was on a wall. Dial phones had just come into existence around 1959 or so. I think other people had more modern ironing boards though.

  3. I love those pictures and have been wondering around what are is this located in Ontario I am a urban photographer myself and would love to see it!

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