Abandoned Doctors Colonial Mansion

At the start of 2020 Zenning with Zay & I checked out the Abandoned Doctors Colonial Mansion.  At the time, there were many cars parked in the driveway & we assumed it was actually active.  Fast forward several months & Freaktography let us know it was in fact abandoned! Turns out all those cars were construction workers at the mansion next door!

While outside taking shots of the Abandoned Doctors Colonial Mansion & citizen walked by& began to chat us up.  He said that the home was owned by Marshall Mcluhan, famous Canadian Philosopher.  It sounded really interesting however upon returning home I was unable to tie the two together.

The mansion was pretty awesome & featured three levels.  The top level had a utility room & then a huge open room.  It really reminded me of the Abandoned $6 Million Dollar Satanic Ritual Mansion!  Some may think this place is not really abandoned because the power is still on but this is very common.  Especially when a developer owns the property.  They often don`t care about trickle charges from power & know they`re going to make millions of a project anyways.  Very wasteful to say the least.

Normally I wait until the end of the post to share the epic staircase but I just couldn't wait!  This staircase was definitely epic & quite grand.  A beautiful winder design that I am sure looked incredible back in the day.  It was just so elegant!  Naturally I shot it from every perceivable angle!

Unlike the Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion, this one had virtually everything cleared out.  There was also a lot more decay here which I absolutely love! Especially when its a mansion that is decaying!  The mansion sold for around $7,000,000 & as with many other abandoned mansions in the area, it was the land that held all the value.

As you can clearly see, the grounds have not been taken care of at all.  The pool is a swamp & a hazard!  There is an interesting thing I came across about the Abandoned Doctors Colonial Mansion.  The doctor had gotten into a legal battle back in 1985 with a developer.  The developer wanted to build a 6 storey, 134 condominium nearby & the good doctor rallied his neighbours siting this development would impact the value & enjoyment of the lands surround the estate.  Kinda funny that in the end, he sold his place to a developer.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Doctors Colonial Mansion”

  1. I imagine it was his kids that sold after the dr past away…how sad they would do that knowing that the dr was opposed to the development…(if that’s what happened) really enjoy y’all’s videos! Thank you

  2. It is a beautiful piece of property, being renovated, not torn down. Right down the street from my son and daughter in law. Wonder what it will sell for when completed? If i had the $$$$ I would buy it for sure.

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