Abandoned Ontario Farm House

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned Ontario Farm House with Everything Left Behind. This was one Zay had known about for a while but never actually explored it.

The exterior of this Abandoned Ontario Farm House shows its been weathered badly.  We figured the house has been abandoned for at least a decade & the owners probably were unable to do any upkeep near the end.

The kitchen was off an attached barn & was quite a mess.  Despite the mess it still had everything left behind.  There was a gun safe in the corner which was pried open.  Likely opened by the police but there is a small chance thieves took them.

Beyond the kitchen was a bathroom & living room. As with the kitchen it was a mess but you could still see it was set up from the previous owners. As with many of the Abandoned Ontario Farm House we explore, there was a newer tv stacked on an older one. This is usually because the old one crapped out & too heavy to remove.

The upstairs was a mess as with the rest of the house. With two bedrooms & then a bed in the small area between the rooms. Again, everything was left behind but tossed about. It was difficult to move around up there but I really wanted to see it all.

Despite the mess of this place there were still a lot of things left in place.  It was pretty amazing to see nature taking back this place but sad at the same time.  All the family photos are the saddest things to find.  There is always lots of places to discover out there while exploring.  I started out exploring abandoned farm houses so its always nice to finds ones like this where you get a feel for how the people lived.  Sure, abandoned mansions are awesome but in many cases they are empty, stale & lack the home feel.

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  1. The story behind this house is very sad. They were me great aunt and uncle. Amazing people, with bad children. Feel free to contact me should you like to know more. This breaks my heart.

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