The Crack – Killarney Provincial Park

In August of 2020 Zenning with Zay & I visited The Crack Killarney Provincial Park & did hike into the La Cloche Mountains! I must say this was an amazing place & the views spectacular! The wind was strong at the top so I was limited on how far up I could take my drone but it still was amazing! Be sure to check out the blog to see pictures from the entire hike!

The La Cloche Mountains, also called the La Cloche Range, are a range of mountains in Northern Ontario, along the northern shore of Lake Huron near Manitoulin Island. The mountains are located in the Canadian Shield, and are composed primarily of white quartzite.

Panoramic The Crack
Panoramic The Crack

The hike in starts at an old logging trail & is quite easy!  But it doesn't take long for things to get difficult.

The Crack is a stunning steep sided crevasse slicing through a quartzite rock cliff, located Killarney Provincial Park. The destination is popular with hikers for the iconic Killarney views of pristine lakes framed by the white quartzite La Cloche mountains.

Once we reached the base of the crack, that's when it became tricky.   You certainly want to wear good footwear here as the terrain is rough!  It didn't help that it was crazy humid & I had all my camera gear in my backpack.  But, the beauty of this region quickly made us forget all our troubles!

When we finally reached the top of The Crack Killarney Provincial Park, it was immediately clear as to why anyone would make the hike out there.  The highest point had quite a few people but we spotted an amazing view of the mountains & when we walked over to it, nobody was there.  Kinda funny how most people stick to the beaten path when the true beauty can be found if you look a little further!  The hike is considered moderate & is roughly 7.5km round trip.  You have to take the same trail back otherwise you end up on a massive 78km hike!

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  1. These views are stunningly beautiful! ❤️ I lived and worked in North Bay for 6 years and I miss northern Ontario terribly. Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots

    1. Thanks so much! It was our first time there & we absolutely loved it! Those mountains were amazing! Definitely different than what I usually post but I been encouraged to share everything I shoot!

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