Abandoned Courtyard Pool Mansion

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I went to check out the Abandoned Courtyard Pool Mansion. Earlier we had explored the Beautiful Abandoned Colonial Mansion so it was definitely a day of mansions!  Just as we arrived the sky opened up with a violent thunderstorm which made for an exciting explore!

The entire street where the Abandoned Courtyard Pool Mansion resides on is in the process of being completely rebuilt.  The property is huge, likely over an acre!  Lots like these don't last long as developers snatch them up, demolish & rebuild at a huge profit.

The design of the mansion was quite odd. It was definitely built to host some banging parties! Loads of parking, plenty of bedrooms & even a backyard tennis court with basketball hoops! There was even a space capsule for the kids to play in!

The master bedroom was a fair size but it featured a huge walk in closet & funky bathroom! It also had a walkout to the courtyard pool! Next to it was a beautiful office with floor to ceiling woodwork & nice brick fireplace with a wall safe built it. The rest of the bedrooms were nothing special & there was another funky bathroom! Gotta love the tile choices here!

The main corridor of the mansion was very long & had a unique feature!  It was completely lined with mirrors so I had some fun taking some shots!  The front entrance seemed a lot like there was a business there as it had a reception area feel to it.  Just beyond that was a huge party room!  I bet there were some epic jams here back in the day!!

The basement of the mansion was unfortunately flood but what can ya do! This was likely due to no heat & the pipes bursting in the freezing Canadian winter temperature! The stairs were pretty sweet but seeing as it was a bungalow styled mansion, they were not the grandest by far. Sill pretty awesome though!

The last part of the explore of the Abandoned Courtyard Pool Mansion was, well the courtyard!  This was like a mini resort pool with plenty of space for chilling by the pool.  This was really a weird yet awesome layout & like I said at the start of this post, it was definitely built for entertaining.  My understand from Carlo Paolozza & Freaktography was that it was last used as an Air B&B which makes sense!  Gotta thank them both for the hook up on this place!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Courtyard Pool Mansion”

  1. Those fake plants look real and even the “soil” in the planters looks authentic. We have to wonder about people who leave good things behind and just walk away.

    Thank you for another great video!

  2. When you said the basement was flooded I don’t know why but I really wasn’t expecting like a literal flood all the way to the ceiling to the point that you couldn’t even enter through the stairs, lol

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