Dangerous Abandoned Farm House

My most favourite way to explore is driving aimlessly which is exactly how Zenning with Zay & I found this Dangerous Abandoned Farm House!

From the outside it didn't look like much but once we got inside things were very different!  A good reason why you should never judge a book by it's cover!

I started the explore of the Dangerous Abandoned Farm House on the top floor.  As soon as I got up the stairs I was amazed at just how big this area was!  An absolutely massive central area that is probably as big as some people's apartments!  The main area also featured a beautiful arched window with a peak in the ceiling.  There were three bedrooms & a large bathroom as well as the main area.  As I was walking around the main open area I stepped on a soft spot & could hear the floor cracking below my feet!  You can here it in the video!

Moving down to the main floor you can see just how big this place really was.  Pretty sure both floors had 9 foot ceilings!  The kitchen had a lot of sweet decay which I am sure by now you know I love!  So many awesome textures on the wall from the peeling paint.  There was also a pretty big eat in area.  Just off that was a huge living room & off that a smaller room that was likely last used as an office.

At the back of the house was an addition. This area was in absolutely terriblr condition. You could get up there by a semi hidden staircase but once you got to the top you couldn't go any further. The floors were completely rotted out!

I really do enjoy these old decaying farm houses & its surprising that we can keep finding new ones! I do love exploring abandoned mansions, but these old farm houses are always a treat!

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  1. Hi, did you notice in the upstairs bathroom that they put the toilet near the door instead of beside the window. They put the sink/vanity near the window. Most houses have the toilet near the window so you can open the window and get some air in if toilet usage was smelly LOL.

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