Abandoned Tudor Revival Mansion

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned Tudor Revival Mansion!

The property in which the mansion sits & several other buildings were established on the grounds in the 1830's. With picturesque views, this beautiful Abandoned Tudor Revival Mansion features such elements as a two-and-a-half storey rectangular massing with a steeply pitched gable roof. Also, the hipped roof dormers; the prominent gable end chimneys were quite stunning. The exterior walls of irregularly coursed stonework & the arrangement of the window groups and arched doorway made this mansion itself quite picturesque!

The Abandoned Tudor Revival Mansion along with all the land in which it sat was later transferred to the government which set up a headquarter on the grounds in the numerous buildings.  This is why it looks more like an office these days than a house.

During the second World War the mansion & grounds served as a military hospital. The grounds in which it sits are sprawling & all of the buildings on the site are now abandoned!

The Abandoned Tudor Revival Mansion must have been quite the home back in the day. With so much attention to detail & character, this truly was a work of art.

The staircase was quite nice but for a place like this, you'd expect an much grander one.  The basement had some sweet paint peels but only in one room.  The rest of the basement was rather boring but you can see it all in the video!  Pretty awesome mansion & am glad we had the chance to explore it!  Check out the rest of the mansions we've explored here!

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