Abandoned 2.5 Million Dollar Mansion

On this adventure we explore an Abandoned 2.5 Million Dollar Mansion!

After a long day of exploring with Zenning with Zay I decided we should check out a house I suspected as being abandoned. There were a few tell tale signa however the house sat far back from the road up a winding driveway surrounded by mature trees so really the only way to be sure was to drive right up to it! As soon as I stepped out of the car I could smell the unmistakable scent of fire. Not that bonfire smell but rather house fire. It seemed odd as there was nothing indicative that the house had any issues but as soon as I entered it was confirmed.

This raised bungalow boasts ample privacy ona spawling lot with many mature trees & a large inground swimming pool. There was plenty of yard for the three children living there to enjoy the outdoors & explorre nature! There were two decks, one off the living room & another in the back of the house off the dining room. It was a very peaceful setting & I can only image how it would look with fall colours in full force!

Once inside you cans ee the open concept throughout with the kitchen up a handful of steps to the left & directly aheard was a massive living room. One you head up to the kitchen & to the left was yet another massive living room which was situated over the 2 car garage. With plenty of windows & two skylights, this room surely was a favourite to those who lived here.

The kitchen was rather interesting in how it was set up. Onew family had used the speace behind the counters as their dining area & at the oppisite end was a dining room (under the light fixture) & further was a smaller living room with a loft above. I did like the kitchen & all is counter & cupoard space as well the sklights which really helped brighten the room despite the dark wood ceiling,

At the end of the large living room beside the kitchen was a large home office area with a beautiful wood paneled wall.  Beyond that was the master bedroom with a spiral staircase leading into the basement.  As well, there was corridor with a massive closet area to the left of the stairs as well as the master bath.  The bathroom was beautiful & very spacious!

The main living was absolutely gorgeous! With high peaked wood paneled ceiling, gorgeous hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, a bar & a fire place, this certianly would have been a great place for relaxing or entertaining guests!

The basement was also huge & perfect for entertaining! Once down the stairs you enter a bar & kitchen are straight ahead or make a right into a massive lounge area which would easily fit couches, chairs, a pool table & more! It seemed that this would have been an amazing place to host catered parties!

Then this house revealed something I really wasn't thinking about & that was the rest of the bedrooms were all in the basement! Makes sense since I only saw one upstairs! Stranger though was that they were all clearly children's bedrooms which seemed odd to have right down the hall from the huge party area! This is when I really started noticing major amounts of smoke damage & the air was starting to bother me.

It was then that I discovered the source of the fire. There was a large bathroom beside & across from some of the children's bedrooms that also had a furnace room which was where the heaviest amount of damage was visible. Although the fire appeared to have been contained rather quickly, the damage from the smoke was significant throughout. Fortunately everyone was able to escape the fire. It certainly was ominous walking around the house hearing the numerous smoke detectors beeing & asking in both English & French to be reset.

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  1. What’s the address to this house? No worries I live in Indiana. I would to search this house on google if I could get the address?

    1. I have already done extensive research & have found nothing about it. Also, to protect the contents I will not be sharing the location.

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