Abandoned Restaurant with Everything Left Behind!

This Abandoned Restaurant with Everything Left Behind was definitely an epic explore!

Located on a very busy highway is this once popular restaurant. It was the second full day of my epic road trip with Zenning with Zay & had already slept on crown land twice! Surprisingly we were in good shape considering having spent hours upon hours driving, hiking & of course sleeping in a ten which is never wonderful. Fortunately falling asleep was quite easy as nights were cool & were were exhausted every time we finally reached our campsite.

After entering the restaurant I made my way through the office & storage areas & into the kitchen. This was my first real view of what was in store for this explore! Everything from dishes to condiments to pretty much everything was still in there. Also surprising was that all the stainless steel was still there which I am sure would fetch a pretty penny at a scrap yard. & there was a few hundred pounds of it just sitting there. Being in the kitchen brought back memories from when I worked in a kitchen & i was actually a bit envious of the people that worked in this one as it was quite large compared to the cramped quarters where I had worked.

I then entered the main dining area which was much bigger than I had expected! The entrance was large & had a display case that likely sold merchandise or perhaps had cakes & other desserts on display. Just beyond the display was a buffet area with spots for both hot & cold foods. There was a small bar area which seemed to mostly be used by the servers to get drinks rather than a place to have a cold one & talk about the game the night before.

There was a small private area with a single table just behind the buffet counter. At the centre of the dining room was a brick fireplace which really added to the home cookin' atmosphere the restaurant gave off. The decor was nothing special but I feel that the food more than made up for the dated look. Across the dining room there was also a divider which was likely closed for private events. It certainly wasn't very nice looking but quite functional!

Then over to the far side of the restaurant. This area was friggin amazing! Well...it was after we spent a little time tidying up! It didn't take much as most things were in place but a few minor details were added for appearances! I can just imagine the sounds & smells in here when it was in full operation! Based on some reviews I found it was a well liked breakfast place & quite popular among travellers as well as locals! After I finished my video I wanted to use the 50mm for some detail shots. Not something I always do but I felt this place certainly warranted it!

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