Abandoned $2 Million Dollar Custom Mansion

Its has been over a year that I tried to explore this abandoned custom mansion.  I went to such great lengths that included parking way down the hill & battling a very step incline that left me muddy, sore & still had not been able to maker it inside.  Then one day Zenning with Zay & I found ourselves nearby & I said we should give it a go thinking it would yet again be a failure.  We were not expecting to get in so parked out front as hidden as possible & I hopped out to check the doors.  Much to my amazement the first door I went to had the key in it!  I turned the knob & it opened!!!  We quickly grabbed our gear & started the adventure!

Starting in the kitchen, the flooring was the first indication that the past owners had interesting taste! The kitchen prep area was small but had quite a large eat in area. Just off that was another large room lined with windows & skylights. This perhaps was a breakfast area but it really is difficult to say. To the left of that was the dining room & interestingly had two large windows in the wall the separates the two!

Moving on past the dining room is a large family room with a a walk out balcony. The two large windows that once allowed for sunlight to pour in have been removed & boarded up. Just off the family room is the front entrance which features a gorgeous spiral staircase. This was absolutely stunning, so much that I took pictures from every angle! Just off of the main area you find the VERY loud bathroom with the walls & ceiling lined with flashy wallpaper. Just to the right of that is the office area with custom built in cabinetry! This was all so amazing & there were still two other floors to explore!

On the upper floor naturally I had to capture the stairs before moving on to the bedrooms.  There were three bedrooms.  The first was small but had near floor to ceiling windows & despite the dark colour of the walls, the room was still quite bright. The second was much larger & had a walk out to a second level balcony. The final bedroom was the master which was huge & featured an onsuite bathroom as well as a walkin closet & a walkout to the upper balcony. The way to the walkout featured custom built in cabinets & I am not entirely sure what the purpose of it was!

Now for the bathrooms. My God were these "interesting" to say the least. The first was a common area bathroom featuring plae green sink, shower stall, toilet & tub all with gold fixtures. Not to mention the tub was three steps up & the entire bathroom carpeted. Then over to the master bath which also featured wall to wall carpeting & a two step up bathtub with, yes that's right, carpeted surround. Honestly I don't know why anyone would think this was a good idea but to each their own!

Now into the basement where those amazing stairs continue & at the bottom was a fountain!  They were certainly the best feature of the amazing house & I imagine the past owners received many compliments on them!  The basement was perfect for entertaining as it features a bar, billiards area, large parquet flooring ideal for dancing, living room with fireplace & a back room that was likely used as a spare bedroom.  Then of course yet another flashy bathroom to tie the theme of the house together!  The fate of this house has long been sealed & as we were about to leave the developer showed up & advised this was private property & it was one of their future projects.  Although the house apparently has some historical significance I was unable to uncover what it was.

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