Untouched Abandoned $3.5 Million Dollar Mansion

It has been a year since I first visited this abandoned house. I was actually in the area looking to get inside another when I spotted this one which from the front was not very impressive but still abandoned which is okay in my books! Unfortunately at the time there was no way in so I forgot about it only until in the area again recently when I decided to check on another. This time however I lucked out!  The house was sold in 2015 for a price of $3.6 million dollars & in today's market has a value of 5$ million!

Since my first attempt there was considerable overgrowth making this once questionably abandoned house now definitely abandoned! The lawn was extremely overgrown & weed were popping up throughout the interlock driveway. Out back, I could see an outline of a pool which my to my surprise had been completely filled in. Seemed odd to keep the interlock patio that once surrounded the pool but who am I to judge!

As you enter the front door you are in a small alcove with double doors leading to a grand living room with near ceiling to floor windows & marble fireplace. I immediately noticed the ceiling by the window had failed with insulation piling on the floor & the smell or decay surprisingly strong.

To the left of the living room was the kitchen. This was clearly someones dream kitchen with ample light pouring in from a large skylight, a large island with built in cook top. Counter tops were marble & the custom cabinets provided unlimited storage! Off the left side of the kitchen was a laundry room, again with ample storage then further back was a small dining area which likely was used as a bar.

At the far end of the kitchen was a beautiful walk out octagon shaped sun room with a high ceiling & windows everywhere! This appeared to be a media room based on the built in custom entertainment unit. This would have been a fantastic room to cozy up in with its gas fire place!

Before entering the kitchen from the front there was a dining room with a built in glass shelf where one could have stored a favourite liquor for those after dinner spirits. To the right of the right of the main entrance was a short corridor leading to a staircase & child's bedroom.  Before climbing the stairs I continued down another corridor which led to a large bathroom complete with Jacuzzi tub!  This was a quite large for a main floor bathroom but it also had to accommodate another bedroom at the end of the corridor which was for a little girl.  The difference between the two main floor bedrooms was the boy's room had a bathroom in it, whereas the girl's bedroom had walkout access to the backyard!  To me, the girl's bedroom was the better of the two!

With the mainfloor complete I made my way upstairs to see what I could find. It seemed that the upper level was entirely the master bedroom. As you reached the top of the stairs there was a closet with shoe racks. Then a large yet plain master bedroom with a small corridor lined with built in cabintery for clothing storage on the way to the master bath. This was quite a bathroom with its many mirrors & bold red paint on the walls. The skylight over the Jacuzzi tub was leaking & decay ate away at the ceiling causing paint & other debris to fall.

Having completed the top two levels it was now time to explore the basement. As I made my way down I could smell some mold & water damage was apparent. There were a few rooms but nothing that really jumped out at me as super interesting. There was however one room that was a complete mystery to me however I didn't take any pictures due to confied space but you can see it in my video so be sure to check that out! Thanks for coming along on yet another epic adventure!!!

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  1. This place is awesome. With some clean up and work on the water pipes and maybe a.new roof and landscaping. This place would be ” absolutely beautiful” !!! Just a few minor details ……..

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