Abandoned/Vacant 2 Million Dollar Mansion

For a year Zenning with Zay & I had been checking on this Abandoned/Vacant 2 Million Dollar Mansion.

Through fall, winter & then in late spring we found that finally it was open!  This was great news as I had been able to see in through the windows & marveled at gorgeous staircase & chandelier.

Starting this explore in the basement, it was actually an odd setup.   It appeared that there was a separate apartment when this house was built.  There was a covered staircase leading up into the backyard, a main staircase & finally a third which led into a side room.  Certainly plenty of options if you needed to get out quick!     It certainly would have made a nice sized basement apartment as it was very spacious & even had a wine cellar!

Now for the main staircase! located in the centre of the basement was the bottom of this absolutely gorgeous staircase! What I asume to be oak banister & post along with the white spindles were just so amazing. I know from the first moment I looked inside I wanted to see it in all of its glory! Little did I know that the basement part had two portal windows making this firt photo beyond visually satisfying to the stairs enthusiast! The fact that these stairs were not up agaisnt a wall where only one side had a railing made them all the more awesome!

Moving to the main floor there was a living room off the main entrance & an attached dining room. they were both very large & some water damage was visible on the ceiling in the dining room. These two rooms would be in the first picture. Further back in the house was a large family room with a fireplace & a walkout to a patio. Then we move on to the kitchen & what a kitchen! You could easily host a huge Thanksgiving crowd here & everyone would be able to sit in the same room.....kids table & all! I especially liked the kitchen table around in the turret jutting on from the centre into the backyard! There was was a modest amount of counter & cupboard space but that island adds the extra a cook would dabbler in the culinary arts would appreciate. Plus, it would be a great spot to just hang out!  There was also a large office, laundry room which had access to the back basement but in all honestly, they were boring so I didn't bother taking shooting them.  I did however film the entire house so check out my video!

Purposely skipping the stairs, we move to the upper level & start off in the master bedroom.  It was again, quite large like many of the rooms in the house spanning the entire width & featuring a fireplace, walk-in closet & huge master bath with Jacuzzi tub!  Outside of that there were three other bedrooms & two more bathrooms.  The flooring through was gorgeous hardwood & ceramic tiles.  Interestingly enough not a single bit of carpeting to be found anywhere!  Now for the piece de resistance! The stairs!

Not only were the stairs & railing absolutely stunning, there were enhanced with an impressive chandelier that was easily 5 feet in all! I honestly couldn't get enough pictures of these beauties! As incredible as they were, there was one thing that bother me & that was they were not symetrical on the upper floor. I mean really, if you're going to build a custom home throw in a few more feet so they are balanced!! Regardless, I still absolutely loved them & the explore!

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