Abandoned Hydro Company House

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere is the Abandoned Hydro Company House.  The house stands as a silent sentinel, witnessing the slow decay of its own existence. The echoes of laughter and the warmth that once filled its walls have long since faded.  Leaving behind a haunting stillness.  So Zenning with Zay & I had to check it out!

Recently, this forlorn structure found itself in the hands of the hydro company. A fate dictated by the insistent hum of progress. The land it occupies has been deemed essential for the expansion of power lines that will weave through the landscape.  Connecting distant points with the lifeblood of electricity.

As the decision was made, the house, now devoid of life, became a mere spectator to its own destiny. The windows, once bright portals to the outside world, now stare vacantly into the surrounding wilderness. Nature, undeterred by human neglect, has begun its reclamation.  Slowly eroding the exterior with ivy and moss.

Inside, the decay is advanced & unforgiving. The walls, peeling and cracked, bear witness to the passage of seasons that were once celebrated within these very confines.

The acquisition of this decaying dwelling is a testament to the inexorable march of progress. The hydro company, in their pragmatic pursuit of efficient energy distribution, has repurposed the land. Leaving the house to bow out gracefully from the stage of human habitation.

In the hushed stillness, the house relinquishes its former identity.  Becoming a relic of the past. The decay becomes a quiet elegy, harmonizing with the hum of power lines that traverse the land.  Connecting communities while the abandoned house, now a mere silhouette against the skyline, fades into the tapestry of progress.  I am sure this Abandoned Hydro Company House will be left to decay & eventually collapse into itself.

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