Abandoned Mansion of Mirrors

This Abandoned Mansion of Mirrors was like most our discoveries being completely random!  Its one thing Zenning with Zay & I like to do.  We have a destination to scout & see what else we can find!

After finishing up at another abandoned mansion we headed to a scout we had previously checked.  The scout was a bust but not worries since we spotted this beauty!  Zay ran up to see if we were in luck & we were!

It was quite an impressive place from the outside & although Zay did take some pics to show me, they hadn't arrived on my phone yet.  So, I had no idea what we were walking in to!  I started off upstairs where there was the master bathroom with his & hers bathrooms!  I assume the black one was for the man & the one with the tub the wife!  There was also a common bathroom which was absolutely amazing with the pink tile & mirrors!  Yes, this place had all the mirrors which gave it its name!  There were a few other bedrooms upstairs & another bathroom but they were all pretty boring as you can see.

The main floor had a huge family room with end to end hardwood floors!  This was pretty sweet but crazy echo in there! I am sure with furniture & decoration it'd be fine!  The kitchen was a nice size & had a late 80's/early 90's vibe with the decor.  Gotta love all that space!

There was still more to see on the main floor!  The home office/den of course had mirrors.  It also featured a stone fireplace.  At the back of the Abandoned Mansion of Mirrors was a newer addition.  This was the media room which was massive!  I bet it would be pretty sweet watching a movie in there!

The basement underneath the media room seemed like it could have been a home business.  With all the outlets & phone jacks it was quite possible!  The basement was huge but mostly empty rooms aside from the sauna area.

Last but not least was the staircase!  I feel I went a bit wild with this but oh well!  That said, I wasn't really able to find anything out about this place.  But to be honest, I only did some light research.  Regardless I can tell you this house, well the property is worth several million dollars & the mansion will be demolished.

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