Abandoned Luxury House

In early June Zenning with Zay & I checked out some spots we had to scout & this Abandoned Luxury House was one of them!!

This house is part of a neighbourhood that is being completely wiped out & replaced with townhomes. Already several of the neighbouring homes are gone & it won't be long before it too is gone.

From what I could tell this house was occupied up until early 2022! Mind you I am basing that entirely off of calendars I found inside. Although there really isn't a lot, I did uncover some history! From what I can tell it was owned the entire time by one family. But there was still more!

From court documents I found out there had been a fire here in 2003. In fact, the basement had rental units! One of the units had a fire caused by an over loaded power bar. This caused extensive damage to the apartment & belongings of the tenant. Seems the tenant did not have renters insurance & tried to sue the home owner which was thrown out.  The plaintiff was after $10,000 in damages.

The Abandoned Luxury House had is very close to its end of days. The houses around it are mostly demolished if not completely. The pool is gone & there is a dump truck right next door. Ready to haul away the remains.

As always I end with the staircase if its worth it. This one definitely was!

Awesome Staircase

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