Cat Lady Hoarder House

During a recent adventure Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out what is now known as the Cat Lady Hoarder House!  This was a location we had previously checked but were unsure of its occupancy.  This time it was certain that in was abandoned!

The moment we stepped foot inside it was immediately obvious that whoever last lived here, was didn't care or was unable to properly care for the house. The stench of cat pee was unbelievably strong. So much to the fact we actually opened all the door & windows to air the place out while we explored.

From the outside in really didn't look much different from when we first came across it. It was always super overgrown but on our first visit there was an old crap mobile parked out front. That was now gone & the driveway was now blocked! Definitely abandoned! As we made our way around we discovered a pool that was definitely not cased for for several years!

Once inside we were overwhelmed with the stink. It was so bad but with the windows open, a breeze helped. There were things that started to reveal the story of the Cat Lady Hoarder House. The master bedroom still had the bed which was clearly stained. Then I noticed the floor where there was a very clear worn path to the bed. Seeing stacks of newspaper, I suspected that this room was filled with the exception to the path. The other bedrooms didn't have the same wear & tear.

Down to the main floor things were worse. The hardwood floors were soaked with cat pee. There would be no saving it. Once in the dining room I noticed again another spot where the floor was very worn. It seemed this room was a sitting room of sorts that too would have been jam packed. I suspect the other rooms were just filled to the ceiling which is why there isn't any worn paths on the floor.

Then on to the kitchen which was a decent since & quite nice but dated.  It seems this place was never updated from when it was originally built.  I would estimate it as built sometimes in the 1960s.  There was also a laundry room, bedroom & bathroom as well as one more room on the lower level.

As always I save the best for the last! This would be what I call the pirate bar! This was such a surprise for this place! Definitely not at all expected but so darn cool! There was plenty of evidence of neglect here. Many pieces of the flooring was loose coming up. Plus a rotten couch covered in cat poop & pee. This was not limited to the couch. It a shame as it was a beautiful room that has been seriously neglected. Beyond that was a sun room that overlooked the swimming pool. Although I didn't get to explore the basement, I did see inside a bit. There was nothing really missed aside from a lot of black mold. You can see the in the video.

The story from what I could tell was the house had one owner. The couple had two children & it seems that one of the sons stayed at the house after the parents passed away. He lived there with his wife until they both passed likely due to the conditions they were living in. A sad story & a reminder to check on loved ones & those who have no one else.

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