Abandoned Country Estate

While on my birthday road trip Zenning with Zay & I stopped at one last location on day 3 which was the Abandoned Country Estate!

From a distance we could see this Abandoned Country Estate before realizing it was where we were going.  We had spent the day with KnifeGuy & Cherotica & they had passed this location along to us.  It certainly was a huge place & I was excited to check it out!

The hulking estate-like house sat on the top of a hill at a three way intersection. So from every direction you had to stop right in front of this place.  When we went inside I started off on the top floor.  Sadly there was quite a bit of vandalism done.  But you could still get a sense for just how nice it once was.

The upstairs had many holed punched into the walls & sadly the railing was gone.  It seem that at one point in time this would have been a time capsule.  By time capsule I mean an abandoned house with everything left behind.  In a state as if the owners just left & never returned.

Places like this are always a mystery.  It make you wonder where the people went & why they didn't take their belongings.  Often times its due to death or financial reasons.  We have come across situations like this many times with this one being the saddest of all time.

Now I do not have any information on this place so it very well could be a happy story!  Perhaps the family hit a lottery jackpot & left it all behind to live out their dream life!  Hard to say but in the end it was a pretty awesome explore!

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