Abandoned Luxury Boat Graveyard

This Abandoned Luxury Boat Graveyard was something Zenning with Zay spotted while she was out one day. She dropped a pin for the location & we visited it on Canada Day 2022!

From what we were able to find out the property will be redeveloped.  Not entirely sure as to what such as housing or a new commercial development.

We actually had postponed exploring this place until there was decent drone conditions. That day the clouds were amazing but of coure as soon as we get there it started to rain. Fortunately there was a break & I was able to get it up in the air!

The property had close to 100 boats on it of various sizes.  I imagine there was quite a bit of value it them but also it seemed that some were just junk.   After doing some research it turns out this was actually a repair & detailing shop.  I'm not entirely sure just how long it has been abandoned but I suspect a couple years.  Although there was a lot of overgrowth, it wasn't that bad.  Some places can get fully consumed whereas this seemed like a year or two.  Three at the most.

The Abandoned Luxury Boat Graveyard is such a unique location.  Occasionally we'll find a boat at an abandoned house.  Or an epic one like this abandoned vessel.  But finding a  bunch is rare & I really only can think of one other place like this.

Not really sure what will happen with this place but I can tell you it will be an expense to clean it up!  Maybe there is some salvageable boats  here that could be sold.  Or it will all end up in the land fill.   Pretty awesome explore of a very unique location!  Definitely check the video for some sweet drone views!!

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  1. Actually, they don’t have any value. Vast majority are made out of Fiberglas and it cost money to properly get rid of them, so often, they are dumped with everything removed to trace the owner

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